Friday November 22, 2019




Asian Centre for Research on Drug Abuse (ACREDA) was established on January 1 2010. ACREDA establishment is an awareness to help the country in dealing with the scourge of drug abuse. In achieving the noble purpose, ACREDA has served as a center of reference in strategic efforts to reduce even eliminate the problem of drug abuse in society. ACREDA establishment can also be seen as an effort to make the USIM as a reference center in the related aspects of drug abuse through research, publications, training and services. ACREDA established on the basic of the establishment of centers of excellence to the runway under Core Third National Education Strategic Plan (PSPTN) Strengthening of Research and Innovation. ACREDA established through the development and empowerment of SIG activities in drug abuse through the Speciality Program for Alcohol and Drug Abuse (SPADA) available in the USIM since 2005.


  Be the references point information in a complete drug abuse, systematic and timely.
  Be a training center to prepare and deliver a variety of information, training programs psychoeducation, and skills related to drug abuse institutions related to drug abuse.
  Be a competent consultation centers related to various aspects of drug abuse encompassing prevention, treatment, extended care rehabilitation, enforcement and international relations.
  Become a Center of Excellence that will propel USIM and sparked research, writing and publishing world class academic staff USIM through interaction and academic collaborations with leading figures working in the center research. 

Become a Center of Excellence that empower research and management in the field of drug abuse by channel, disseminate and enhance the knowledge, skills, consultancy, expertise, required training through research to improve the quality of the mental health system of strengthen family and community structures based on Islamic values. 



A reference center in the field of substance abuse in the Asian region.



ACREDA aims to be a research institution, consultancy, writing, publishing, training and information center associated with drug abuse a national and leading regional and credible and know and recognized not only at national level but also at regional and international level.